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Photographs of streets, roads, highways, etc.
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[This sign, near the Justice Building along Vittoria Street, indicates an area where pedestrians will be crossing the street. The Supreme Court of Canada Building is visible in the background, at the left of the photo.]Pedestrian Crossing Sign on Vittoria Street
[This large concrete vase is located behind the Supreme Court of Canada Building.]Large Concrete Vase Behind the Supreme Court of Canada Building
[This photograph shows two road signs. The top sign says in English, "No Public Parking at any time." The French translation is, "Stationnement interdit au public en tout temps." The bottom sign indicates that busses are not permitted. In the background at the right side, the Supreme Court of Canada building is visible.]"No Public Parking at any time" and Busses Not Permitted Signs near the Supreme Court of Canada Building
[This sign, painted on the parking lot at Victoria Island in front of Aboriginal Experiences, indicates that the parking spot is reserved for holders of an Accessible Parking Permit.]Accessible Parking Space in Parking Lot on Victoria Island
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