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Photographs showing buildings, including apartment buildings, churches, commercial buildings, stadiums, arenas, schools, etc.
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[This is a panorama of Dow's Lake, looking towards the eastern shore. Part of the Rideau Canal is visible along the right side of the photograph.]Panorama of Dow's Lake, Looking East
[This photograph was taken from the western shore of Dow's Lake, looking across the lake towards the Rideau Canal and the Carleton University campus. Near the centre of the picture is Dunton Tower, a 22-storey building on the Carleton campus. To the very left is Glengarry House, the largest of the residence buildings at Carleton.]Dunton Tower of Carleton University, Viewed Across Dow's Lake
[This photograph shows the top floors of Dunton Tower, a 22-storey building on the Carleton University campus.]Top of Dunton Tower at Carleton University
[This is a vent cover on the side of the building at the corner of Lebreton St. S. and Carling Avenue.]Vent on the Building at the Corner of Lebreton St. S. and Carling Avenue.
[This photograph shows the waterfalls at Hog's Back Falls, as viewed from the eastern end of the walkway along the top of the weir between the start of the falls and Mooney's Bay. The viewing area along the western edge of the falls is visible starting from the left side of the photograph.]Waterfalls at Hog's Back Falls, Viewed from the Eastern End of the Weir Walkway
[This sign, near the Justice Building along Vittoria Street, indicates an area where pedestrians will be crossing the street. The Supreme Court of Canada Building is visible in the background, at the left of the photo.]Pedestrian Crossing Sign on Vittoria Street
[This large concrete vase is located behind the Supreme Court of Canada Building.]Large Concrete Vase Behind the Supreme Court of Canada Building
[This sign, indicating that only busses are permitted to travel down the nearby driveway, is found in the vicinity of the Supreme Court of Canada Building.]Busses Only Sign Near the Supreme Court of Canada Building
[This photograph shows two road signs. The top sign says in English, "No Public Parking at any time." The French translation is, "Stationnement interdit au public en tout temps." The bottom sign indicates that busses are not permitted. In the background at the right side, the Supreme Court of Canada building is visible.]"No Public Parking at any time" and Busses Not Permitted Signs near the Supreme Court of Canada Building
[This photograph shows a larger water turbine in the centre, with a smaller water turbine visible along the left-hand side. They are on display on Victoria Island, to the west of the Portage Bridge.]Large and Small Water Turbines on Display at Victoria Island
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