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Photographs of signs, excluding road signs.
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This photograph shows a sign on the Confederation Building that states in English, "DANGER FALLING ICE". In French, it states "DANGER CHUTE DE GLACE"."DANGER FALLING ICE" Sign on the Confederation Building
This sign is found next to the Ottawa end of the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge. It reads 'Macdonald-Cartier Bridge' in English, and 'Pont Macdonald-Cartier' in French.'Macdonald-Cartier Bridge' Sign at the Ottawa End of the Bridge
This photograph shows a yellow fire hydrant, with a top that is painted red. It is located near the NRC Sussex Drive Research Facilities.Yellow Fire Hydrant with Red Top, Next to the NRC Sussex Drive Research Facilities
This photograph shows a warning sign on the southwestern side of the southeastern span of the Prince of Wales Bridge crossing the Ottawa River between Ontario and Lemieux Island. The sign states on separate lines "DANGER", "OPEN DAM", "KEEP AWAY"."DANGER", "OPEN DAM", "KEEP AWAY" Sign on the Southeastern Span of the Prince of Wales Bridge
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