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This street sign indicates that this road is a bicycle route, and motorists should be prepared to share the road with cyclists.Bicycle Route Road Sign
This is a road sign warning of a school crossing ahead.School Crossing Ahead Warning Street Sign
This photograph shows the waterfalls at Hog's Back Falls, as viewed from the eastern end of the walkway along the top of the weir between the start of the falls and Mooney's Bay. The viewing area along the western edge of the falls is visible starting from the left side of the photograph.Waterfalls at Hog's Back Falls, Viewed from the Eastern End of the Weir Walkway
This photograph shows the statue on top of the pedestal inscribed with the word "IVSTITIA", in front of the Supreme Court of Canada Building.IVSTITIA Statue at the Supreme Court of Canada Building
This road sign, found along Wellington Street near the Supreme Court of Canada Building, indicates the way to a nearby hospital.Hospital to the Left Sign
This red road sign, stating in "WRONG WAY" in English and "RECULEZ" in French, can be found along Lyon Street North near its intersection with Wellington Street."WRONG WAY" Road Sign on Lyon Street
This yellow sign states in English, "Reserved for parking permit holders only." The French translation is, "Réservé aux titulaires de permis de stationnement."'Reserved for parking permit holders only' Sign
This photograph shows the southeast face of the former Willson Carbide Mill on Victoria Island, from a distance.Southeast Face of the Willson Carbide Mill on Victoria Island, at a Distance
This plaque is found at the Ottawa end of the Portage Bridge, and celebrates the 1998 rehabilitation of the bridge.Plaque at the Ottawa End of the Portage Bridge
This photograph is looking along the western side of the O-Train rail bridge crossing the Rideau River. It shows the tail end of the O-Train as it travels towards the Confederation Station and Greenboro Station stops, having just departed from the Carleton Station stop at the Carleton University campus.End of the O-Train Travelling South Across the Rideau River O-Train Rail Bridge
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