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Canada :: Ontario :: Ottawa :: Centretown West
Centretown West lies north of Dow's Lake, south of Lebreton Flats, west of Bronson Avenue, and east of the O-Train tracks.
This is a pine cone sitting on the surface of Lebreton St. S., near its intersection with Carling Avenue.Pine Cone on Lebreton St. S.
This is a vent cover on the side of the building at the corner of Lebreton St. S. and Carling Avenue.Vent on the Building at the Corner of Lebreton St. S. and Carling Avenue.
This road sign, located near the intersection of  Lebreton Street South and Carling Avenue, indicates that parking is prohibited to the right of the sign, but is permitted for one hour between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM to the left.One Hour Parking Permitted to the Left, No Parking Permitted to the Right

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